The fairy tale of good health and happy relationships may seem like just that -- a fairy tale. But not to Dr. Susan Lawton and Rebecca Linder Hintze! According to these two experts, we all have the opportunity to choose and create happy and healthy lives and relatinships by applying a few basic and timeles emotional, psychological, and spiritual truths, making some adjustments in decisions about our health, and adding CPTG essential oils to our lives, we can access the secrets to leading a full life.

In Living Healthy & Happily Ever After, Dr. Susan Lawton and Rebecca Hintze address the psychological and physical remedies necessary to live a truly abundant life! Dr. Lawton, a clinical psychologist and biochemist brings more than 40 years of clinical experience an combines her expertise with the wisdon of rebecca hintze, family issues expert and autho or the international bestseller, Healing Your Family History.

Among many shared talents and interests  these two experts share a love of doTERRA essential oils. They powerfully teach readers how to heal both mind and body and break free of destructive patterns with doTERRA remedies and the power of thought and intention. As you red the pages of this book, you'll be joining these two energetic and fun ladies in life lessons to remember, and refer to forever!

"My heart is full to know that whoever picks up this book (with the sincere intent to better their health or the health of someone they love) will find that the exact answer(s) they are looking for are within these pages!  Readers, as you study the pages of this book, you will come to understand that Dr. Lawton and Rebecca Hintze are great teachers and they have wrapped their many gifts, talents, knowledge, and their hearts into Living Healthy and Happily Ever After.  Congratulations and blessings to you, the readers, as you move forward and discover your own happily ever after." --Lil Shepherd

"I have read more books on emotional healing, wellness, and essential oils than most.  I am thrilled to have such a complete resource to companion with doTERRA products--one that cuts to the chase and teaches people how to change their minds, chemistry, and lives!  Thank you Sue and Rebecca!" --Laura Jacobs


"I have been using essential oils and learning alternative health practices for years now.  I am so excited about this new tool!  It is amazing--easy to comprehend and perfect for both the novice and the experienced. The wisdom shared is incredibly valuable and precious to all. Thank you Dr. Sue and Rebecca Hintze--two wonderful people who cared enough to share their knowledge and wisdom freely. I recommend this book to all!" --Peggy Smith

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